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Pre-Christmas dinner

From 42€/pers.

Salad with radish, salted seeds and raspberry vinaigrette (VE, G)

Caesar salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan (L, G)

Waldorf salad (L, G)

Roasted beetroot with vegan feta cheese mousse, walnuts and balsamico (VE, G)

Smoked salmon with fennel and dill, butler’s sauce (M, G)

Västerbotten cheese pie with thyme  (L, G)

Finnish Archipelago Bread (L)

Beetroot hummus (VE, G) & Butter (L, G)


Roasted chicken with root vegetables and tarragon cream sauce (L, G)

Pork kassler with roasted root vegetables and red wine sauce (M, G)

Vegan option:

Portobello filled with spinach, pine nut and smoked vegan cheese (VE, G)

Roasted root vegetables (VE, G)


Blackcurrant mousse and blueberries in a chocolate cup (VE, G)


42,00 € / person

Plus coffee/tea €45.00 / person.

Prices apply to groups of 20 or more.

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