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Christmas lunch

From 30€/pers.

Green sprout salad, pickled vegetables and cranberry vinaigrette (VE, G)

Persimmon, grilled Kolatu’s Ruska-cheese, sugar-salted seeds and cloudberry sauce (L, G), by pre-order (VE, G)

Roasted rosolli and horseradish sauce (VE, G)

Blueberry-engraved rainbow trout, sour cream and dill pickles (M, G), by pre-order (VE, G)

Västerbotten cheese pie (L), by pre-order (VE, G)

The house’s island bread and country bread (VE), by pre-order (VE, G)

Beetroot hummus (VE, G)


Roasted Finnish corned pork, herbal oat risotto and fig sauce (L, G)

For vegetarians who notify in advance:

Portobello with spinach-goat cheese filling, herbal oat risotto and sesame-fig sauce (VE, G)


Date chocolate cake and lingonberry mousse (VE, G)

Mulled wine


€30.00 / person

Price valid for orders of at least 20 people.

Inquire about free places for smaller groups.

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